Best Phones for Kids and Teens

Different parents abide by different rules when it comes to the issue of getting their child a phone. It is becoming a common scenario for different parents to come up with an age they deem suitable to give their children their own phones.

The topic of kids and phones is rather tricky to navigate, seeing that even the law does not have a rule of when they should have one. However, the law does provide guidelines that need to be adhered to by parents when they do get their child a phone. We shall look into this topic and suggest some of the best phones you can get for your child.

What to Look for in a Phone for Your Child-

We live in such an unsafe time because danger can lurk from any corner of the internet. While many efforts have been championed towards kids' safety online, it is up to the parent to remain vigilant. This plays a significant role when deciding to get your child a phone. So what should you look for?

Pre-installed parental controls

All kids need parental supervision when using their phones. The difference is that some age groups require stricter and more complex functions than others.

Cellular plans

It is safer and inherently wiser for parents to opt for a cellular plan paid in advance rather than post-use. There is more control because once the plan runs out, the child has to wait until the next month. This plan helps the child be more responsible with their phone plan.


Unrestricted wifi is not recommended for kid’s phones. This is because it may connect them to harmful websites and apps, thus opening them up to danger. WiFi controlled from the phone and by the parents is best suited for children.


The budget you have set out for your child's phone needs to be anchored on their age. It is not wise to purchase an expensive phone for children younger than ten. The more responsible kids can have a pricier phone because they can care for it.

These are some guidelines on what most parents look for when purchasing a phone for their child.

Best Phones for Kids and Teens

  1. Gabb Phone

    This Samsung phone is first on the list and is perfect for younger children. This is why you should consider the Gabb phone:

    • It is one of the most budget-friendly phones in the market. It generally costs $ 150, while the more advanced Gabb Phone Plus costs $ 160.
    • Utilizes a closed network and does not have internet access.
    • Third-party apps cannot be downloaded on the phone
    • Gabb experts curate all downloadable apps for kids according to their age.
    • Parents can remotely monitor the phone via the parent app.
    • It is installed with all smartphone basics, such as high-definition screens, media players, and back and front cameras.
  2. Palm Phone

    Palm phones are as small as their name suggests, making them perfect for your kid's little hands. However, this is a fully functional phone that adults can also use. Features that make the Palm phone perfect:

    • Your teen will always have their phone on them because it can comfortably fit in the pocket.
    • It is water and dust-proof.
    • It has top-notch features for a fraction of the cost.
    • It retails for $200 and $240 when unlocked.
    • The parental controls are offered through the Google Family Link app, which is free to download.
    • Unique cellular plans such as limited minutes and messaging for as little as $5 per month.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S22

    For Android lovers, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is a perfect fit for teenagers.

    • It allows third-party apps that allow parents to monitor their kid's online activities, including social media.
    • Has a large 6.1-inch screen.
    • Long-lasting battery.
    • Costs $600 and can be paid in installments.
    • Compatible with other third-party parental supervision apps.

    It is important to note that this is not the most budget-friendly phone, but it gives your kids a safe approach to the internet.

  4. Bark Phone

    Nothing screams parental control louder than the Bark phone.

    • The Bark app comes with the phone and is the most sought-after parental supervision tool.
    • Parents can download games and other suitable apps from the Google Play Store.
    • It's a loaner phone where the parent makes monthly payments until they decide to return it.
    • The phone and the cellular plan are purchased together and thus ready for use when powered on.
    • Parents can entirely turn off unsuitable apps and the internet.
    • Parents get an alert for harmful content. The complete warning messages can be viewed on the user's phone.
    • Pricing is dependent on the data required. The Wi-Fi option costs $49 per month. Parents can also opt for the two main monthly data packages: 4GB data for $59 or 8GB for $69.

    Because Bark phones are fitted with their own carrier, they cannot be changed. This also adds to the safety aspects of the phone.

  5. Pinwheel Plus 3

    Parents get an all-around phone that compasses the benefits of a child having a smartphone while mitigating the risks.

    • The phone doesn’t allow social media or web browsing. This is a plus because children should only be allowed online with adult supervision.
    • Parents can activate the school mode while their kids are in class, which makes the phone ineffective.
    • The most beneficial features include a location tracker and spam blocking.
    • Only apps and contacts approved by the parent are availed to the child.
    • It costs $369 with a flexible cellular plan for as low as $10.

    Parents can safely track their kids from when they leave school, making the Pinwheel Plus 3 suitable for kids and parents. What sets the Pinwheel phones apart is that they are specifically designed for kids and come highly recommended by therapists.

  6. Motorola Moto G Pure

    Kids who love to play phone games are always in a bid to take their parent's phones every so often. You can mitigate this endless hassle by purchasing the Motorola Moto G Pure for them.

    • It has a 6.5-inch display, which is perfect for all the games and movies they want to play and watch.
    • Its long battery life and 32GB memory card allow kids to download a few games comfortably.
    • It is averagely priced at $160.
    • Has built-in parental supervision and is easy to set up.
  7. KidiBuzz G2

    It is almost impossible to isolate your toddler from your phone completely. This is because they are also fascinated with this entertaining hand-held gadget. While giving them your old phone is not practical, you can get one that is just right for them.

    That is what the KidiBuzz G2 is all about. So what will you and your younger-than-ten child love about this phone?

    • The kids can enjoy the endless games available and are grouped according to age.
    • The pre-teen kids can take selfies with their friends using the half-rotating camera. It also comes with fun effects that they can add to their photos.
    • Parents can control and approve downloadable apps and the contacts list.
    • It is designed to entertain kids as young as four through the LeapFrog Academy. There are more than two thousand activities to enable your little one to learn and grow.
    • The screen is shatter-proof, an added advantage for kids' phones.
    • It goes for $164 on most online stores.
    • It is a great illusion phone with all the benefits of an actual phone without any of the perils.
  8. Apple iPhone 13

    As a child grows, they have different demands according to their age and needs. These improved preferences also apply to phones. The Apple iPhone 13 is a reasonably priced phone that suits tweens and teens.

    • A high-resolution rear and front camera makes picture taking a delight and produces pictures they can be proud of.
    • The mark of teenagerhood today is socializing on the different online platforms available. They can safely do so with this iPhone.
    • It is a statement phone that any junior or senior high school kid will want to be seen with.
    • The price range for iPhone 13 is between $729 and $829.
    • Parents can see the iOS 13 features to monitor their kid's activities, including screen time and photo privacy.
  9. Troomi

    Troomi is one of the more popular kid-friendly phones that kids love, and parents approve.

    • The parental portal gives access to the essential safety aspects of the phone, such as the contact list.
    • Parents can remotely view deleted and existing text messages.
    • A cellular plan that is suitable for teens with unlimited texts and minutes.
    • The KidSmart Safe Browser allows parents to choose suitable sites for their children.
    • All apps downloaded onto Troomi are adequately vetted. This reduces the chances of your child intentionally or accidentally connecting to age-inappropriate ones.
    • Offers affordable prepaid phone plan and fifty percent discount for the first month.
    • The camera is much better than its counterparts.
  10. Light Phone 2

    Simplicity doesn't get better than the Light Phone 2. If you want the most basic features for your child's phone, then this black-and-white interface phone.

    • It is the best phone to give as an emergency phone because its main focus is calling and texting.
    • It can be used as a personal hotspot if your child needs to use the internet for their assignments.

    The essential features of this phone are reassuring to parents who are not yet ready to give their children a smartphone. This is one of the safest phones on the market today. While not as necessary, the company has been working on a parental app to support this phone.

  11. Nokia 2780 Flip

    There is something retro and fun about flip phones. Every parent wants to protect their child as much as they can. In some cases, keeping them away from the brutalities and dark side of social media is the best way to protect your child. If that's the case, a simple communication device like this Nokia 2780 Flip is perfect for your kid.

    • There is no connection to most social media platforms.
    • The battery can last as long as eighteen days.
    • It offers an option of inputting an emergency contact for the SOS button.
    • Your kid will enjoy the exhilarating feel of pressing buttons to type, which they cannot experience with a smartphone.
    • It is compatible with different carriers.
    • You can choose a data plan that suits your child's needs. Additionally, you get to save on prepaid cellular plans because you have different carriers at your disposal.
    • It's one of the most pocket-friendly phones you can purchase today at $90.

The phones listed above are some of the best in the market for kids and teens. Be sure to gauge your child’s age and needs to find the right fit.