How to Add Minutes to Your SafeLink Phone

SafeLink Wireless is a government program meant to benefit low-income earners. SafeLink provides no or low-cost wireless service by offering both free and discounted plans services to approved customers. How do you add minutes to your SafeLink phone, though?

Choose the Most Suitable SafeLink Plan

We encourage our customers first to select the best programs that best suit their needs. Our programs may vary depending on where you are. So it is essential to look at the plans in your area and then choose the best. You can visit our website to learn more about the programs in your place. With SafeLink, buying monthly minutes has been made easier. We also encourage our customers to contact our customer service desk to select suitable monthly plans.

How to Add Minutes to your SafeLink phone

There are several options available for adding minutes to your safe link phone discussed in detail below. Review them to learn more about them. You will have to choose the one that suits you best and then follow the simple steps given.

Add minutes via the "buy now" option by following these steps:

  • Go to the main menu on your phone.
  • The word "prepaid" will pop up on your screen; press "OK."
  • Go down to "buy airtime" using the arrow button that goes down. Press "OK."
  • Different denominations of airtime will be displayed on your phone screen. Go down to choose the suitable denominations and then press "OK."
  • You will be required to enter the promo code, which may be the Tracfone or SafeLink promotional code. Enter your promo code and then confirm by pressing "OK." If you do not have a promo code, you can find one by googling Tracfone promo codes. Include the current month and year to get active promo codes.
  • You will receive the question to "buy YYY" minutes. To confirm, press "yes." To decline, press "no."
  • After confirming the correct amount you want to buy, press "yes." You will be required to enter your PIN, which you will enter, and then press "OK." You will receive a pop-up that says "processing." Keep your phone close to receive the confirmation message.
  • In no time will you receive the confirmation message that you have received your airtime.

Rapid Refill for Active Phones

  • To add airtime, press "OK." A "prepaid" pop-up will appear with an option to "add airtime" highlighted. Confirm by pressing "OK."
  • You will be asked to add "airtime PIN," which you will respond to by keying in the 15-digit airtime code and pressing "OK."
  • You will be required to provide the promo code. If you have, press "yes" and key in the five-digit code, and if you do not have this code, press "no" and proceed to get an active promo code.
  • A "processing" pop-up will appear on your screen. Stay close to your phone for the confirmation message.
  • You will receive a confirmation message of your airtime after a few seconds.

Through Recharge

You can choose a provider and add minutes online on your SafeLink phone using the recharge service:

  • Go to the recharge website.
  • Select the minute plan that you desire.
  • Follow the instructions given after you have pressed "order."

Getting Pending Minutes for Active Feature Phones

Follow the following easy steps:

  • Go to the prepaid menu by pressing "OK" or "menu."
  • After the "redeem airtime" or "add airtime" pop-up appears on your phone, press "OK."
  • Go down on the displayed message and press "OK."
  • Confirm by pressing "OK" after entering the code 555. Enter your promo code.
  • After a few moments of processing, you will receive a confirmation method.

Contacting Customer Care

There is also an option of adding minutes to your SafeLink phone by contacting customer service. This is another simple way of recharging your minutes by simply calling the SafeLink customer care desk for assistance. Once you contact them on 1-800-378-1684, you will be required to answer some questions, follow the given instructions, and then you will automatically receive additional minutes.

Use Prepaid Bill

At PrePaid Bill, we make recharging or adding minutes to your prepaid SafeLink phone easier, more convenient, and safer with 24/7 availability worldwide, along with 512-bit encryption to protect your transaction. Simply follow the instructions on our SafeLink refill page, choose from the available plans, and pay for your minutes!

We hope this guide has been helpful, especially to those running into trouble when adding minutes to their SafeLink phones. Convenience and safety are our top priorities at Prepaid Bill, and we hope to deliver the best in each when you use our services.